BBPA releases statement & advice after Westminster terror attack

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Following the horrific Westminster terror attack yesterday in London, The British Beer & Pub Association’s Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds has released a statement.

Simmonds said, ‘Yesterday’s tragic events in London are a reminder that it is important for pubs to be vigilant to the threat of terrorism.

‘Pubs should monitor advice from the police, brief staff, and certainly consider terrorism as part of their risk assessment of the premises. There is a section that covers this in our risk assessment guidance, ‘Managing Safety in Pubs & Bars’.

‘Safety should be regularly reviewed, and issues to consider are any weaknesses in a CCTV system, and how you would respond to a threat, such as a suspect package or suspicious item, search plans and evacuation plans.

‘In London, there is also a co-ordinated alert system for most outlets linked to the police, and similar arrangements in other parts of the UK. The BBPA will also ensure that any further advice is passed on to our members.’

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