Mindful Chef partners with Hally’s for celebratory plant-based burger

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To celebrate National Burger Day (23 August), Mindful Chef, the UK’s number one healthy recipe box delivery service, has teamed up with like-minded Hally’s, a Californian-inspired restaurant located in Parsons Green, to create the ultimate plant-based burger.

The Asian-style ‘Inside out tofu burger’ has a unique mindful twist. Featuring a gluten-free protein-rich tofu bun and packed with a variety of sustainably sourced, nutritious ingredients, this delicious burger has multiple health benefits.

Myles Hopper, co-founder of Mindful Chef, commented, “We’re really excited to be collaborating with Hally’s to create a vegan, mindful burger! The Inside Out Tofu Burger is full of health-boosting ingredients.

‘The filling features a flavour-packed edamame bean patty, loaded with powerful antioxidants from matcha tea, as well as fresh ginger to help aid digestion.

‘The patty is topped with kimchi, fermented cabbage and layered with pickled cucumber ribbons and radish slices. It’s finished with a drizzle of delicious sweet chilli sauce, guaranteed to give the metabolism a boost.”

The Mindful Chef ‘inside out tofu burger’ will be available at Hally’s on Thursday 23 August.

Mindful Chef partners with Hally’s for celebratory plant-based burger by Caterlyst | Caterlyst - https://www.caterlyst.com/


Author: Caterlyst

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