Novikov to put on veggie masterclass

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Novikov Restaurant & Bar in London’s Mayfair has announced that its latest masterclass, held on 24 February, will focus on an irresistible selection of seasonal vegetarian fare.

The talented team of chefs will reveal the secrets behind Aubergine Parmigiana and Sicilian Caponata, two hearty dishes which are as much suited to a chilly British February evening as they are to a balmy Italian night in May.

Also on the menu is that perennial favourite, Vegetarian Lasagne, along with Roasted Vegetables and protein-paced Quinoa Salad.

The masterclass includes breakfast, tuition and an informal lunch paired with wine for £75, and a guest can for lunch for £25.

Novikov Restaurant & Bar has two distinct restaurants, Italian and Asian, and one stylish lounge bar. It also features an open kitchen.

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