Offer Your Customers The Ultimate Burger

The 24th August is National Burger Day and with beef burgers continuing to be a top selling dish – growing by 3% last year – Danish Crown is calling on operators to make the most of the nation’s favourite beef based dish, and elevate their menus^. And better yet, they’re offering a VIP prize for the person who shows them the Ultimate Burger!

60% of consumers have visited a burger bar in the last three months according to Mintel.

With sales flying, National Burger Day is the perfect time for operators to get creative with their menus and focus on making the classic burger their signature dish.

Allan Hansen, Foodservice Director at Danish Crown UK explains;

“A burger’s wide appeal and versatility makes it the hero dish on any menu; despite customers becoming increasingly adventurous when it comes to eating out, this classic remains a go-to for many diners, serving up great value for money. What has changed over the years is the quality of the burgers on offer and customer expectation. We’re receiving growing requests from chefs and operators looking to have their own bespoke burger patties or burger mince, 100% British Beef is no longer enough with ingredients such as bone marrow now being added for flavour and texture.

“Consumers have a huge appetite for gourmet offerings and a high-quality burger will certainly drive profits. Our own independent research shows that people are willing to pay more for high quality meat products, this – along with the popularity of burgers – makes National Burger Day a great opportunity for chefs and caterers to grow sales and boost profits, and have a bit of fun while they’re at it.”

With 130 years of farming and butchery heritage, Danish Crown can help operators create their own ultimate burger. With some of the highest standards in animal welfare and traceability in the world, the catering butcher produces patties and burger mince to bespoke specifications, from the meat-to-fat percentage, to including ingredients such as herbs, spices, onions, bone marrow, and even bacon, for a memorable signature dish. Operators also have the reassurance of 100% British provenance beef which is hand-selected and part of the premium 1887 British Meats range.

With research revealing that smoky bacon is the nation’s favourite burger topping, followed by BBQ pulled pork then beef brisket, burgers offer a huge opportunity to upsell customers with a range of toppings that will drive burger sales even further. +. For more information on the BBQ toppings you can spruce up your patty with, take a look at Danish Crown’s ‘A Guide To: BBQ’, available for download on their website.

Hansen adds:

“Chefs can offer up some really exciting combinations and tap into the Americana, BBQ and street food trends. Consumers are increasingly looking to personalise their dishes – and pay a premium to do it – so having a selection of toppings can really boost profits. However, it all starts with a high quality beef patty!”



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