The Dairy & Counter Culture team open Italian-inspired eatery

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A new neighbourhood Italian-inspired restaurant, Sorella (meaning sister), from the group behind The Dairy and Counter Culture, has opened today in London’s Clapham.

The team – Robin and Sarah Gill, Daniel Joines, Dean Parker – offer a menu that takes a traditional format; cicchetti, antipasti, primi, secondi and dolci but is also hugely influenced by the produce arriving in from their farm.

Robin Gill’s years spent working on the Amalfi coast, learning about a seasonal approach, has shaped the family of restaurants and therefore, at Sorella, the team has honed in on all that they love about the Italian attitude to cooking and eating.

Head chef and co-owner, Dean Parker’s produce-led obsession, along with his time spent in Italy’s kitchens, place him firmly at the helm.

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Author: Caterlyst

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