The Good Egg Soho to open next week

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On 1 December, after successfully crowd-funding £500k For the new opening, chefs Joel Braham, Alex Coppard and Oded Mizrachi will bring The Good Egg to Soho.

Drawing on the distinctive Jewish café-culture of Montreal combined with Tel-Aviv’s vibrant street-food scene, The Good Egg will open an all-day restaurant, bakery and bar in Kingly Court, Carnaby.

The new all-day menu will include a slow braised Hanukah-style brisket hash packed with caramelized onions, home-fries, Russian dressing & pickles, topped with a fried egg; the Challah French toast sandwich with white peach jam, candied pecans and crème fraiche; and Sabih – an Iraqi aubergine pita with tahini, mango amba, dak dak, pickles and zhoug.

The dinner menu will be built around the charcoal-fired Israeli Mangals, a pita oven and the on-site smoker with Pastrami cured salmon and caper schmear; Za’atar fried chicken thighs with chilli honey; and. Baharat roasted delicia pumpkin with toasted nigella seeds, house labneh and femented herb stalk oil.

The in-house bakery will offer homemade, freshly baked breads and cakes, with the counter stacked with challah, hand-rolled bagels and Oded’s ever-popular babka, whilst piping hot Manoushi flatbread with honey and za’atar streams out of the wood-fired oven. A selection of North American-inspired bagels, hearty sandwiches and colourful, Middle Eastern salads will also be available to takeaway.

The cocktail-list will be primarily Levantine, with a nod Stateside, including the Spicy Horseradish Michelada with Tel Aviv Dancing Camel lager, horseradish and preserved lime; an Espresso Martini with house cardamom syrup & green pistachio and the Red Hot, house Bloody Mary with gin, pastrami spices, lemon and pickled cucumber.

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