Vegetarian Express invites chefs to create dishes for Veganuary

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Vegetarian Express, the only foodservice company devoted entirely to vegetarian and vegan ingredients, is celebrating its 30th year in business by inviting chefs to kickstart the New Year with Veganuary, a vegan food month, and it has all the necessary ingredients to ensure that the experience is a tasty one.

Veganuary is a charity encouraging people to try vegan food for January, and inspiring them to continue throughout the year. For caterers, Veganuary offers the chance to brush up on vegan and vegetarian dishes, particularly since Kantar research shows that 55% of the UK population now classes itself as ‘flexitarian’, actively trying to eat less meat.

Vegetarian Express therefore, is not just catering for vegetarians and vegans, its product portfolio also has huge appeal to chefs looking to broaden the menu in order to capitalise on a fast-growing trend.

By supporting Veganuary, and encouraging chefs to follow suit, the company aims to promote and cater for the explosion of interest in healthy eating. With a range that covers everything from staple dried goods to ethnic cooking sauces, it can offer caterers dried, chilled and frozen ingredients plus a range of hospitality disposables to meet all requirements.

Besides the comprehensive product portfolio, Vegetarian Express also offers advice on nutrition and menu planning, helping chefs to offer so much more than the usual standard vegetarian options. This comprehensive, educational approach is why Vegetarian Express provides vegetarian recipes to virtually every major contract caterer within the UK, together with hotels, colleges, independent restaurants and catering groups.

As plant-based eating becomes the norm rather than a niche, Vegetarian Express is encouraging caterers to use the company’s expertise to unlock the mysteries of plant based food while introducing new ideas for everyday meals as well as signature dishes.

To help, the company has recently introduced new products including Khorasan, a new grain, Tempeh, a soy-based alternative to chicken, and Gochujang, a Korean chilli paste that can add great depth to sauces. At the same time, it has invested in a new initiative – to be announced shortly – that promises to deliver ingredients, ideas and inspiration.

David Jonas, Vegetarian Express Founder and Director, expalined, “Vegetarian Express is all about showcasing the power of improving our customers’ plant-based menus so that they can capitalise on the growth of the flexitarian, driving sales while at the same time having a significant impact on people’s health and the environment.

“We have made a significant investment in the support we offer alongside our product range, and are now urging caterers to ring in the New Year with Veganuary, taking up the challenge to serve up vibrant, tasty food that will appeal to all.”

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