Through The Hotplate With Anuj Thakur

Today we have been chatting to Anuj Thakur. Anuj is Head Chef at Tewkesbury Park Hotel, a stunning, recently refurbished, contemporary hotel.  Anuj is extremely well traveled and has influences from all over the globe which are reflected in his cooking. He loves to work with fresh ingredients whilst using local suppliers, local food and seasonal ingredients. He is extremely passionate about “top notch” cooking. Anuj is dedicated to changing his menus in line with the seasons.

Anuj loves French techniques, but favours Italian flavours with British ingredients.

Describe your business?

‘Tewkesbury park hotel is a family run hotel and was rather run down when they acquired it. They have highly invested in the refurbishment of the hotel and they have redone all the rooms and all the golf course. I was really excited to be a part of the turn around and loved the Macintosh families view.’

1.Who are your customers?

‘Anybody, I would love to have more local customers though.’

2.What advice do you have for young chefs?

‘Work hard and learn as much as possible, this is a trade where you have to learn your trade. There is no easy way to get on top apart from to work hard. You have to know your trade and stay very active with it.’

3.Advice for beginning restaurateurs?

‘You have to study the market and know the local ingredients and local food, if I am a customer I want to eat the best from that place. It is good to have a little fusion but ultimately its all about local and promoting the best of that area.’

4.What’s the most important part of your job?

‘The cooking is the most important part. When you plate the food and see the customers are satisfied.’

5.Most enjoyable?

‘The satisfaction after you produce your service and the creativity part of it.’


‘Finding the staff these days and staff with motivation and want to make a career out of being a chef with the same passion as me.’

7.What is your favourite ingredient?

‘I love to cook with fresh seafood and Lamb is my favourite meat.’

8.Favourite dish?

‘I cannot decide as I am always evolving and I have so many.’

9.Where does inspiration come from?

‘My Dad was a very good cook, he was well traveled like myself. He used to throw big parties and he would cook for everyone, he would also assist people with menus. So I definitely think a lot of my inspiration comes from him.’

10.Plans for the future?

‘I really enjoy working here and my plan is to make Tewkesbury Park the best hotel in the area. I would love to have more non residents dining in the restaurant so they can see what we have to offer.’



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