Through The Hotplate With Daniel Hully

Daniel Hully, Head Chef of The Regency Hotel in Cheltenham has been in the industry for 15 years. Originally from North Wales he started cooking in Michelin Star restaurant, Tyddun llan. Wanting to broaden his horizons he moved to London to work in The Greenhouse attached to the Dorchester, also a Michelin Star restaurant. After moving to Cheltenham with his wife and twin boys he has now settled and talks to us today about life at The Regency Hotel.

1.Describe your business?

The Hotel is very popular for banqueting and weddings. The restaurant is relaxed dining. We cater to everyone really, although we have a a great deal of corporate clients.


2.Who are your customers?

Corporate customers, Secret Escapes, Residents and Wedding Parties.



3.What advice do you have for young chefs?

Don’t graft for the money, do it for the accolade’s.  Work hard and it will pay off.



4.What’s the most important part of your job?

Maintaining the standards and making everything to the best of my ability.



5.Most enjoyable?

I really enjoy teaching junior chefs, training them and instilling some sort of management as well.




I think the hardest part is juggling the hours with the family life and the sacrifice you make for the career beacuse there isn’t much flexibility.



7.What is your favourite ingredient?

Butter! I love cooking with butter, it really adds to the flavour.



8.Favourite dish?

My favourite dish of all time to cook is Pressed Fois Gras Terrine, Spinach and Snail with Wild Mushroom Fricassee.



9.Where does inspiration come from?

My College lecturer really helped me when I left the army and got me working in a Michelin Star restaurant. I owe my career to her.



10.Plans for the future?

I would love to open my own Gastro pub in the future.

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