Through The Hotplate with Adam Thomason

Fresh from winning the prestigious MASTERS OF CULINARY ARTS 2017 we caught up with Adam Thomason to find out a little more about the Chef behind the Title.   As the Executive Chef for the Restaurant Associates, looking after the Deloitte London campus, Adam oversees 7 kitchens and a team of 28.  It is no surprise that most of his time is spent in the fine dining kitchen.
We asked him a few questions too;


1.Describe your business?

The Restaurant Associates provide their customers with top food created by talented chefs, matched by excellent service.

2.What did you do before this role?

I have been a chef since I was 16 so I can proudly say that before this role I have quite literally spent hours, weeks and months learning from many different kitchens.  Ranging from 2 Michelin Starred establishments to top end pubs, hotels and new openings in the contract catering sector.

3.What advice do you have for young chefs?

Don’t stop and never give up. The industry is not easy but the hard work really does pay off.

4.Advice for new restauranteurs?

Go out and get it… then, good luck!

5.What’s the most important part of your job?

Keeping the team happy.  If they are happy everything else will just work.

6.What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

Creativity.  Dish development is the highlight of my job.

7.What’s the hardest part of your job?

When paperwork and procedure gets in the way of the food

8.What is your favourite ingredient?

Changes every day!

9.Favourite dish?

Anything that tells a story

10.Where does your inspiration come from?

It can come from anywhere and everywhere, however, the hard part is translating that inspiration into a dish.  That’s the most exciting challenge of being a chef.

11.Plans for the future?

You’ll have to wait and see!

12.Have you won any Culinary Awards or Titles?

My most recent achievement has been the title of Master of Culinary Arts.  A hugely prestigious award that I am honoured to be a part of.

Short MCA Film 2017 from Royal Academy of Culinary Arts on Vimeo.

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